Liz’s quick fix: Dr.Kayethri

Liz before

Liz was a referal from Michael. They have been friends for a long time. When Liz saw the makeover Michael did, she was very interested and called us to make an appointment.

Liz is in the marketing line. She runs her family business for many years now. Her work nature is meeting people and she travels a lot for business meetings. She wanted a ‘quick fix’.

What Liz had, were gaps in between her teeth. She also needed to improve her teeth color. I recommended a Zoom! whitening, followed by 6 veneers each for her upper and lower front teeth. Veneers placed on a whiter set of teeth will look even brighter compared to a set of yellower teeth. Liz was concerned about the teeth looking too big after the veneers are placed. I reassured her that it would look natural, and she will need to adapt to her new teeth shape. Afterall, she has been looking at a smaller size teeth, with gaps, all these years. Of course she needs time to get used to her ‘new’ set of teeth, right? 🙂

The first part of her treatment was for the Zoom! whitening, which lasted about an hour and half. After that, I started with the veneers. Almost 2 hours later, the 12 veneers were complete, and I handed over the mirror to her. Well, she didn’t jump in joy, but she did say ” I have never seen my teeth so close together like this”. It took a while for Liz to let go of the mirror, as she still felt ackward with the change. “It feels different” she said. Well, I just explained to her that, it is because she is so used to have so much of space in between the teeth all these while. Now the gaps are closed, the tongue does not have spaces to ‘play’ with.

Sometimes, what is more important than the change we are giving to the patient, is the reassurance and a detail explanation on

Liz after

what to expect after the make over. It gives them more assurance and they will be less anxious and worried. It will help them to go through the adaptation better.

I said good bye to Liz after reminding her that the only maintenance she has to do, is to practise daily oral hygiene routine, and to visit us 4 monthly for a scaling and a check up. It’ s as simple as that! 🙂

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