Azril Finally Get His Dream Smile : Dr Dini

Before-protruding incisors and a brown right central incisor

Azril came to our clinic few weeks ago just to get consultation regarding his upper teeth’s condition. In the past, he had seen many dentist and all of them advised him to wear braces in order to get his dream smile.

Azril’s request was quite simple. To have a straighter teeth. But I told him it will be a challenging case.

First, he has a non vital right central incisor, which means that the tooth is dead, hence the brown shade of the tooth. Azril explained that he had a motorcycle accident few years back which traumatized the tooth.

Second, both his central incisors and upper jaw is protruding.

After the initial examination and diagnosis, I  told him, Yes…in order to get his dream smile,  the best treatment for him is to have an orthodontic treatment. It can straighten the teeth and also make his face profile better.

After-whiter and straighter teeth.

However, I understand his concern about wearing braces. It’s time consuming and with his work load, he won’t be able to see the orthodontist every 6 weeks. This will prolong the treatment duration.

After discussing  few treatment options, we chose to do the Whitening Zoom treatment to brighten the shades of his teeth and followed with 4 upper veneers.

I took 3 hours to complete Azril’s case. First, the Whitening Zoom which lasted an hour and half  followed with  the 4 veneers.

My main concern , was whether I could get the exact shade of Azril’s non vital  tooth similar to the rest of his teeth.

But, Alhamdulillah…everything turned out  to be good and most importantly Azril was happy with the result when he saw his reflection in the mirror.

Before, he left, I reminded him that the veneers have 30 days of guarantee. He is welcome to fix it if anything happen.

This is one of the challenging cosmetic cases  I had and I was very pleased with the result.

I reminded Azril to keep on smiling and enjoy his new smile.

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