“I got to know your clinic through your blog and saw what you did here. Can you do the fillings for my front teeth and make it nicer? I had fillings done before on the same place few times but it kept coming out. There are times that it came out on the same day I did the fillings and I had to go back to the dentist to get it done again.”

This is what Salwa said to me when I asked her what she wanted me to do for her as soon as I seated her on the dental chair.

Frustration….I could sense it from her voice, and this is one of the case that I  must not fail …. I have to restore her trust back in dentists.


Salwa’s case was actually quite straight forward and easy. She has ‘ill’ fillings on her front teeth that need to be replaced and few more cavities that need to be filled.

I outlined her treatment plan which starts with a simple filling and then to later do a bridge for the missing teeth.

As it was important to do the front teeth first (this was after all her main complaint), I started off with the front teeth.

Salwa was such a wonderful patient, she just sat quietly, opened her mouth and let me do the treatment with ease. I think the experience of going through our blog and saw the cases that we’ve done had given her a bit of trust to let me do the treatment.

Finally, I passed her a mirror and let her see her ‘new’ teeth for the first time….. I was so glad that she smiled and said that she liked it, that it was much much better than it was before.


She left the clinic with another appointment all set for the next phase where we’re going to do the rest of the fillings and a bridge on her upper right side.

I will continue her story and post her final smile photo once I’ve completed her treatment. So, do check out our blog soon to see Salwa’s final new smile.

And for Salwa, see  you again on your next journey to a beautiful smile!

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