Hidayah’s new smile: Dr Nik

Hidayah came all the way from Rawang to do her makeover after seeing the makeovers done at our clinic in the blog. She is a young mom with three kids. She was accompanied by her husband who waited patiently for her as we called Hidayah in for her treatment.

Before-obvious gaps

As we were chatting at the start of the treatment,I noticed that Hidayah had quite good teeth except for the gaps in between her front teeth. I guessed that that was the reason why she was here in the clinic and to confirm it I asked her what was that she wanted me to do.

Sure enough she said that she would like to fill up all the gaps in between her teeth.

“Can it be done?” she asked.

“Sure….I can do that for you and it won’t take long Hidayah”

The reason why Hidayah has gaps in between her teeth is because she had two missing upper lateral teeth (the teeth that were supposed to be at the sides of her middle teeth) which means that the present teeth had more than ample space and were spread apart.

What she needed was just few cosmetic fillings to fill up the gaps and it would be painless. It took me one hour to complete her makeover and when I passed her a mirror she smiled happily looking at her new smile.

“Do you like it?” I asked. She nodded and I warned her that she might feel a bit weird and uncomfortable first but eventually she’ll get used to it.

After-no more gaps.

“Be patient and give yourself time to get used to it….but if there’s any problem at all do call us as you have one month guarantee on the cosmetic fillings”

“Ok” she said and she left the clinic smiling happily with her new smile.

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