Before- yellowish teeth and gap in the middle of central incisor.

It was 4.30 pm on Saturday evening when Zet walked into our clinic two weeks ago with a request to do fillings and normal scaling and polishing. Zet is one of many of our patients who found us through our blog.

I will always be grateful and thankful for Dr. Fauziah who created this blog. People who read our blog know they can have their dream smile at an affordable price.

As I was finishing doing  polishing on her, Zet quickly stopped me, and asked, “Dr. can you close the gap on my front teeth and make it whiter?” I immediately replied , “Yes, I can do that for you”

“Can we do it now ?” she asked again. I laughed at her enthusiasm and replied ,”Unfortunately I can’t. It’s because my next patient is already here and the other two dental chairs are fully utilized by Dr. Nik and Dr. Md Shah. We can set another appointment to close the gap and do the whitening treatment for you.”

She agreed to this plan and a new appointment date was given to Zet. I was looking forward to create the makeover for her.

I started the treatment with the Whitening Zoom procedure so Zet could have a shinier and brighter set of teeth. She was comfortable throughout the treatment. After the treatment was done, I compared the shade of her teeth before and after the whitening procedure. Both of us was happily suprised at the result.

Zet ‘s teeth shade changed to 13 shade brighter  than before!

After that, I started with the 4 unit upper veneers to close the gap. Zet was such a wonderful patient, she just sat quietly and opened her mouth and let me do the treatment with ease.

Nearly an hour later, I was done and handed over the mirror to Zet.

Whiter teeth and no more gap.

She was so happy that she no longer had gap and inot only that …. she had  a dazzling white smile!

I said good bye to Zet after reminding her that the only mantainence  she has to do, is to practise daily her normal oral hygiene routine (which is to brush her teeth and floss) and visit us every 4 months for a scaling and a check up.

It’s as simple as that!

Enjoy your smile  and see you in 4 month time Zet!

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