Adhilah and Azizah get their makeovers: Dr Fauziah

Adhilah found our blog sometime ago, but like most people she was too nervous to come in for her makeover alone.

She asked her sister Azizah to accompany her and showed Aziziah the blog ….so Azizah very kindly took time off from work to come along with her to give her moral support.

When Adhilah sat in the chair I figured that she wanted to close the gaps in her front teeth. She had missing lateral incisors on both sides which meant her canines had moved to the front!

“There are actually several ways to correct this and create a more natural smile.” I told the two sisters.

Adhilah before

“The long way is to move the canines back to the corner of your smile … that would take two years … and then replace the missing tooth with dental bridges or implants.” I explained.

“The trouble with this way is that it will take at least two years and will be rather costly.”

“Composite veneers can improve your smile too but you have to remember that they are a kind of filling so you will have to maintain them with regular visits to the dentist …. even if you do the first option you will have to maintain them this way anyway!”

Adhilah after ... perfect!

“The good thing about correcting the gaps in this way is that it is much, much cheaper … about 1/5 the cost and can be done in 45 minutes!”

Adhilah and Azizah were listening carefully as I explained the treatment options and my recommendations.

“I suggest we do a mock-up of the composite veneering first so you will be able to picture exactly what I mean and see if composite veneers are what you want ok?” I said

Both of them nodded together …

Azizah before

I created the mock-up and showed Adhilah the mirror … “Wow! I look so different! Yes … let’s do the composite veneering!”

And so I started with Azizah watching closely.

It didn’t take long … I had done similar makeovers before (like for Damalis our Clinic Manager who now is on her route to studying to be a Dentist herself).

The time came for me to pass the mirror to Adhilah.

“I’m so nervous …” and she peeked in the mirror, “Wow!” she put down the mirror and looked at me “I think I am going to cry! … but I’m feel like crying because I’m so happy!” she said quickly as a tear slipped down her cheek.

Azizah after

Azizah said, “If I don’t get to do my makeover now, I won’t be able to sleep!”

I laughed and said, “Don’t worry we have enough time … besides your makeover is simple.”

Adhilah got off the dental chair to make way for her sister, “Can I keep this mirror? It’s a magic mirror!”

Hahaha … so many patients say the same thing … after all its the first mirror in which they see their new smile … and it does seem like magic!

Azizah’s makeover was super easy as she had chipped her front teeth.

“I don’t like taking photos especially smiling.” Azizah said when I finished. “Now I can smile for the cameras!”

The two sisters left with wide, wide smiles and their makeover photo albums.

I love my job.

I get to do this every single day … make people happy and create beautiful smiles! 😉

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