Shanu’s prewedding gift: Dr.Kayethri

Shanu before

Shanu was getting married in 3 days time in Pahang. She found out about us via our blog.

Shanu came in for a make over appointment accompanied by her aunt and her nephews. She even informed her husband-to-be before coming for her appointment. She was quite prepared with a whole lot of support by her side! 🙂

Shanu is working in a government department. When she walked into the treatment room, I asked her what she would like to do. She mentioned she needed scaling and filling replacements for her two upper front teeth.

I noticed her two front teeth were fractured forming a ‘v’ shape at the edge. She fractured it during a fall when she was young. Her adjacent teeth were also too small. I asked her if she would like to do anything about her upper teeth. She said yes!

Shanu was aware of veneer treatment, as she has gone through our blog. Thus, she actually came in ready for a make over. I explained to her the procedures for composite veneers. She did not have to pull, move or shave her teeth, and most importantly,  there is no pain involved and it is fast. She needed 4 composite veneers to improve her upper teeth.

Shanu's new smile

Shanu was a very understanding and a quiet girl. She didn’t mind waiting while I had to finish my treatment with another patient.

It was her turn after that, and the veneers were complete within 40 minutes. What surprised me was, when I handed over the mirror to her, she did not have much reaction to show!

Hahaha! I was a bit worried if she did not like the result, thus I asked her to look a little longer and tell me if she wanted any change. She simply said ” No, it’s nice” and smiled.

Well, Shanu’ s fiance is a lucky man to have such a patient and pleasant wife.

Happy married life Shanu, and yes, smile more now! 🙂

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