Don’s new smile: Dr.Kayethri

Don's 'old' smile

Don is an engineer in Petronas. Well, that was definitely not who I thought he was when he walked into the treatment room.

When Don sat on the dental chair, my first question was ” So, what do you do Don?” He replied ” I’m working in Petronas.”

“Are you doing your practical there ” I asked confidently. To my suprise, he told me he is an engineer there and in his late 20s. He certainly didn’t look like one, and Don said it’ s not the first time people mistook him as a student :-).

Don requested for a refilling for his front teeth. Don has visited our website and thus he was hoping something could be done to improve the look of his front teeth. Don had multiple fillings on his upper front teeth, a few cavities ( holes) and chipped tips.

Don's 'new' smile

I explained to Don that instead of filling his teeth, veneering his teeth would give a better look.

A composite veneer envelopes the surface of teeth, thus not only the cavities are filled but it looks better esthetically.

I recommended 4 composite veneers for his 4 upper front teeth and a half veneer each for his right and left canines. Don agreed.

Don had a complicated biting pattern. His lower jaw protrudes when he bites. He has what we call as a reverse bite. Thus, the veneers has to be done carefully so that they don’t interfere with his existing biting pattern.

The veneers were done in no time. Don was very happy with the result.

“Wow!” was his first reaction when he saw his teeth in the mirror. The veneers certainly made him smile wider.

Enjoy your new smile Don :-).

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