Hafiz gets his wish: Dr Fauziah

Hafiz before we did our 'magic'

Hafiz walked in confidently into the clinic. He was the last patient for the day and I greeted him with a smile.

“What can I do for you?” I asked once he was seated.

“I have been reading your blog for some time now,” said Hafiz, “I’ve seen so many makeovers that you have done and I’d like know what I can do for my smile.”

I asked Hafiz where he was working and what he did. This is so I have an idea about what could be his priorities when it came to the time it would take to get a beautiful smile.

You see if Hafiz was a student then perhaps braces would be okay as many of his colleagues and friends would probably be going through similar treatment … he wouldn’t need to be self conscious of the metal brackets!

Hafiz after

It turned out that Hafiz is working for a government agency and was an environmental engineer! He looked so young!!

“You could correct the overbite and cross bite with braces,” I explained, “We do offer ClearPath orthodontics which is invisible.”

I explained the whole procedure, how we take the initial impressions and send it to the laboratory and communicate with the technicians to plan the series of aligners, how the aligners are fabricated and sent to us and how he would need to see us regularly as we would monitor the progress of the tooth movement closely.

We closed the gap at the bottom too

“It would still take about 2 years but no one will know you are doing orthodontics as the aligners are almost invisible.” I said.

“And of course you could also get a similar result with composite veneers … though I must remind you that your teeth will not be moved … I may have to reshape them a little.”

I offered to do a mock-up so he could have an idea of the end result if we do the makeover with composite veneers.

“I will use the same material to do the mock-up but will not prepare your teeth so the composite veneers can be removed … yes, it’s a waste of material but well, I rather you really know what to expect and I too, get to see what will be the scope of work we need to do!” I explained.

What gap?

Hafiz agreed and so I did the mock-up whilst he watched me closely using a mirror.

When I finished Hafiz was smiling wide … “Yes let’s do it!” he said looking excited.

The actual makeover was quite simple really … all Hafiz needed was 6 composite veneers! As the whole procedure is painless, we didn’t have to give him any injections and all Hafiz needed to do was sit back and let me do my magic!

When we finished Hafiz was beaming! “It’s like magic!” he said as Ayu nodded.


I laughed and warned him not to expect people to notice that he had composite veneers done. “If I have done my job properly it should look so natural that your friends would notice you look different but can’t tell what I did!”

Hafiz was busy checking out his smile in the mirror and just nodded excitedly.

I told him about my friend who closed a rather big gap between his teeth and how his wife didn’t notice the gap was gone until we bumped into each other at a wedding. That’s when he (my friend) introduced me to his wife as “the dentist that closed the gap between my teeth”. It was only then, 18 months later, that she realised his gap was gone!!!! It looked so natural that even his wife didn’t notice the change.

Nice and even

“Go ahead and eat whatever you normally eat, OK” I reminded Hafiz, “Just don’t eat stones, bones, metal and wood! Anyway if you do manage to chip or break any of the veneers, we have a 100% guarantee for a whole month, so we’ll do any repairs for free.”

This rarely happens but sometimes because of all the different positions our teeth meet when we eat different kinds of food, the veneers may need to be adjusted or a small chip happens so we need to repair it. We can only tell when you go home and eat!

We printed the “Before” and “After” photos for Hafiz’ makeover album for him to take home and said our goodbyes.

Enjoy your smile Hafiz!

Yes, I do have the best job in the world. 😉

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Mohd Hafiz
Mohd Hafiz
11 years ago

Dr. Fauziah,
It has been a week now and all I can say, I’m your satisfied patient! The after result looks very natural as if I’ve been wearing braces, a testimony of your skilled and delicate craftsmanship. Thank you doc and see you again for my regular check-up 🙂