Mr Foo’s Surprise Makeover: Dr Fauziah

It was sooo difficult to get Mr Foo to smile!

Mr Foo had accompanied his daughter to the Taman Melawati branch of our clinic as she wanted a consultation for braces. Since he was there he decided to have his teeth checked too as he was concerned that they were shaky and it had begun to hurt him when he ate.

Dr Nik advised him to have EmunDo Photodynamic Therapy as his gums were bleeding easily and were receeding badly. There were areas where the gum pocketing was deep which meant food stagnating there was making everything quite serious.

Mr Foo agreed to have the EmunDo PDT to sort out his gum problems and so he made the appointment.

Mr Foo's teeth look better and they are stable now

When I first saw Mr Foo, he told me about the shaky teeth and his pain on eating. I explained that we needed to get his gums in good shape first. EmunDo PDT is, in my experience, the easiest and fastest way to get his gum health!

I explained that I was going to drizzle the EmunDo dye on his teeth in segments and then use the ARC Laser on the gums.

The dye will be taken up by the germs and any diseased tissue (the inflamed gums) and so when we apply the Laser ALL the germs will be destroyed!

Not only is the therapy 100% germicidal but the inflamed tissue will then be removed painlessly and systematically, leaving only healthy gums to heal in a perfect environment.

Mr Foo before

His gum pockets will be reduced in just one week so it will be easier for him to maintain his teeth with brushing. We also provide a medicated mouthrinse for him to use until we see him the following week.

Today Mr Foo came in for Phase 2 of EmunDo PDT.

Gone was his swollen gums!

Gone too was his bleeding … his gums were healthy and pink!

Mr Foo’s teeth were in better shape but still a little shaky and still painful when he ate hard food.

He does look good now

I told Mr Foo that I could stabilise his teeth now with Composite Veneers and whilst I am at it, do his makeover … the only problem was I had to do both his upper teeth and the lower teeth at the same time as they were in what we dentist call “traumatic occlusion” … his upper teeth were pushing his lower teeth making them even more mobile and vice versa.

Mr Foo agreed and so after the EmunDo PDT, I started stabilising his teeth with composite veneers and doing it in such a way that it also was a makeover!

The appointment was a long one! After all it was actually 2 different treatments in one visit!

His lower teeth were being 'pushed' by the uppers

But I think it was well worth the long, long appointment!

Mr Foo and his daughter were amazed at the results … and I was very satisfied too.


Because Mr Foo’s chief complaint was that his teeth were shaky and it was painful to eat!

Now that his gums are in great shape with EmunDo PDT, his teeth have a good chance to remain

To stabilise the lowers, I also need to stabilise the uppers

AND the composite veneering has solved his shaky and painful teeth

AND Mr Foo got a brand new smile too!

Now that’s a satisfying case!!!

I love my job … I get to make people happy every single day!

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