No More Patchy Teeth : Dr Dini

Before - patchy filling on the front teeth.

Raja Azah came to our clinic three weeks ago, accompanying her grandson for his dental treatment.

After seeing that her 5 year old grandson was calm throughout the treatment, it somehow gave her the confidence to do her own dental check up as well. She finally made the appointment to see us.

On the appointment day, the first word that came out from her mouth when I asked her how she was doing was …

“Nervous! ” she said.   I reassured her that it’s just a dental check up and the treatment I reassured her would be painless.

After the initial examination, I listed down the treatments she required. First, I advised her to redo  the fillings on her upper front teeth.

She had done the fillings few years ago and now it had changed color and had become patchy looking.

I suggested to do veneers for her and promised her that she wouldn’t feel any pain. Reassured, she agreed to my treatment plan.

I started with the usual scaling and followed with the veneers. In less than an hour, I completed her treatment and passed her the mirror.

After - no more patchy teeth.

She was quiet for the first 10 seconds …. Afriad that she wasn’t happy with the veneers, I asked her, “What do you think?”

She replied, “Yes, it was painless doctor and it’s beautiful.. but I feel uncomfortable”

I reassured her that it was a common feeling for patients to feel that their teeth felt different (hence it felt uncomfortable!) after first having their veneers done. After all the teeth not only will look different but will also feel a little different! They just needed few days to adapt to their new smile.

“It’s  like when you are wearing contact lenses for the first time. You feel like there is something in your eyes…It’s because there IS something in your eyes. After few days, you no longer feel uncomfortable”.

After hearing my lengthy explanation she smiled and nodded.

Sometimes, what is more important is that we listen to the patient’s concerns so we can address them and give the reassurance necessary. All patients need is to understand what is happening and why they are feeling what they are feeling, to feel less anxious and worried.

I said good bye to Raja Azah and reminded her to make her next appointment.

She said to me, “Don’t worry doctor. Now I’m no longer afraid of seeing the dentist. I’ll come visit you in 2 weeks time.”

I’m happy that Raja Azah left the clinic happy and with a more beautiful smile.

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