Makhdzir and Marlina get their makeovers together: Dr Fauziah

Makhdzir before

Makhdzir and Marlina are husband and wife. Marlina found the blog and immediately showed our makeovers to her husband after reading the comments posted by the patients.

You see several years ago, way back when Makhdzir was in secondary school, he was involved in a motorcycle accident. He broke his front tooth (and fractured his limbs) during the accident!

His limbs and other injuries healed but well his tooth remained fractured.

Marlina told me that Makhdzir always wanted to get the tooth repaired but well, just didn’t find a dentist to do the job …. at least until now when she found us whilst surfing the net!

Makhdzir after! No more gap and fractured tooth!!

I examined Makhdzir first. “It is easy to do,” I told them. “I can easily repair the fractured tooth and we’ll also close the gap too. All you need is 4 composite veneers so everything will look natural and in just a few minutes it will be done!”

Makhdzir looked at Marlina who nodded. “Yes, do it!” She said encouraging her husband.

And so we started the magic ….

Marlina watched us work as I started with a good clean up for Makhdzir.

“I’ll choose a slightly lighter colour so the overall look will look brighter.” I said as I worked, “We can do this as we’re going to place composite veneers on 4 front teeth.”

Marlina's turn

Very soon it was done!

I passed the mirror to Makhdzir with Marlina looking on, excited to see her husband’s face when he took his first look at himself without the gap and fractured tooth.

Makhdzir broke into a big smile and looked at his wife. He looked so different!

“I have a new husband!!” Marlina said will a smile.

And now it was Marlina’s turn.

Much nicer ... all that is needed is to do just two veneers below now

I told Marlina that she needed 7 composite veneers to create a perfectly aligned smile. “But I suggest you just do the upper teeth first … you could always come back for the lowers and do your scaling later.”

Marlina agreed but she wanted me to take a look at a filling at the back too as there was a tooth that was bothering her there.

“Oh dear. You MUST re-do this filling today, Marlina, as the filling is leaking and badly done … this tooth needs rescuing!” I said when I looked at that tooth.

“We can fix your lower teeth later OK. Your gums are in good shape and the teeth are really, really clean, so let’s just do the uppers today and fix this tooth at the back.” I continued.

Marlina settled into the dental chair and was the model patient as I fixed her back tooth and created her new smile.

Big smiles from Makhdzir and Marlina

I ended up doing an extra composite veneer, just one on the lower. “This is a present from me, Marlina. I feel I should do it so the overall smile will look much nicer. You now only need to do 2 more whenever you are ready!”

I passed her the mirror and she loved it!

“Don’t worry about eating over the next few days okay. You can eat anything you want … just stay away from bones, stones and real hard stuff … things that may break your teeth anyway. Remember you have a 100% guarantee on all the work we did today.” I reminded her.

As we printed the photos for both Makhdzir and Marlina, Makhdzir came back from picking up his eldest daughter.

So here is the final photo of Makhdzir and Marlina with their daughter … both husband and wife smiling wide with their new beautiful smiles!

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