A Bride’s New Smile : Dr Dini

before - yellowish teeth

It’s the wedding season now. I know several family members, friends and even patients who are going to get married soon, including Nor.

Nor came to our clinic to do her dental check up before her big day this Saturday. Upon examination I told her the good news which was, she only needed a scaling and there were no cavities in her mouth.

She smiled happily and I proceeded with the scaling. In less than 20 minutes I finished her scaling and polishing.

Before she left I suggested that she do the Zoom! Whitening treatment since she had yellowish teeth. I also advised her to correct her overcrowded teeth by doing orthodontic treatment.

She said she would think about the orthodontic treatment but she definitely would  want whiter teeth on her wedding day.

So… we set an appointment to do the Zoom! Whitening the next day since she was about to be on leave from her work for her wedding.

After- whiter and shinier teeth

The next day, she came into the clinic with her fiancee. I proceeded with the Zoom! Whitening treatment  after  I explained to her the procedure.

I also explained, that she might feel some slight sensitivity during the treatment (usually at the last cycle) but we were going to provide her with the desensitizing gel to reduce and control the sensitivity should she have any.

It took about an hour and half to finish the treatment though it is usually advertised as a 45 minute procedure because of all the extra procedures we take!

I passed her the mirror and  she said, “Wow!! It’s whiter than before. Now I can smile wider for my wedding pictures.”

I laughed and said, “Yes Nor… keep on smiling!”

Here’s wishing you a happy married life Nor, and yes, smile more now!

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