New smile, new look: Dr Kayethri

Puan Zu before

Puan Zuraidah is a regular patient who works in Menara Raja Laut. I see her every 4-6 months for her routine check-ups and treatments. She is a very bubbly pleasant lady and it is always a pleasure to see her.

Puan Zu, needed several fillings in her upper front teeth. She also had gaps in between her teeth and less than attractive teeth shape. These features had caught my attention from the day she became my patient.

I suggested to her that she could have 4 composite veneers done. That was all she needed to get an immediate attractive smile. Puan Zu, after all, is a working mom in the customer service line …. and a beautiful woman too.

The makeover will just add on to her beauty.

Puan Zu after

Unfortunately, Puan Zu was unsure about doing the composite veneers. And so each time she came in for her regular clean up, I just reminded her that she could walk in anytime to get the makeover done.

We are always ready to create beautiful smiles ­čÖé

It was a year later from the time I first met her, when Puan Zu walked in one┬á Saturday to get her tooth refilled ….. my patience was rewarded!

After examining her teeth , I found that her filling from her upper right tooth had dislodged. I explained to Puan Zu, that for a better appearance, a veneer would be a better option for the tooth. It already had multiple fillings on it.

Since she also had gaps in between her teeth and several other fillings, I recommended that she did all 4 composite veneers at one go for a better result.

“You won’t ┬áregret it Puan Zu” I assured her. “Ok then” she finally agreed.

Puan Zu did not regret her decision to do the makeover.

She looks beautiful with her new brilliant smile ….. her new smile now complimented her good looks.

Thank you for trusting Klinik Pergigian Fauziah Puan Zu, and don’t hesitate to smile wide now!

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