Siti’s New Smile: Dr Fauziah

Siti before with her milk teeth

Siti and her husband, Syed Uzair, were our patients this afternoon. I asked them as they walked in who was going to go first. Siti smiled shyly and sat down in the dental chair whilst her husband, with great relief, let her go first!

It was obvious that Syed Uzair was more nervous than his shy wife! Syed Uzair however was the joker of the two. 😉

Siti had small discoloured teeth in her lower jaw … and that was because they were actually milk teeth that had never been replaced by permanent teeth.

“You could get a beautiful smile in two ways,” I explained to Siti after her initial examination, “One way will not last very long which is by doing composite veneers on these two teeth …. but because they are milk teeth, their roots are too short for an adult jaw, as they should have been replaced by permanent teeth when you were just 7 to 12 years old!”

Siti with her new smile

“This means that even though I could make them look nicer, the teeth would eventually become loose. Basically these milk teeth are in your mouth beyond their expiry date!”

“The other way is to remove these two teeth and replace them with a bridge. This is a more permanent solution.” I said.

“Maybe the permanent teeth will appear after all?” Syed Uzair said half jokingly.

“Nope,” I said, “There just isn’t any permanent teeth there … this happens sometimes.”

A side view before

Siti shook her head at her husband. “There are no permanent teeth. What to do.” she said with a sigh.

I drew my treatment plan and explained at length how I recommended that we do a temporary bridge and split the treatment phases into 3 appointments.

“Will she leave this clinic with a nice smile?” Syed Uzair asked after I explained everything to them.

“Yes, I promise she will be happy … this is exactly why we have so many happy comments in our blog. I have done this for many, many patients. I promise that even with the temporary bridge, there will already be a huge difference.” I said.

After just 60 minutesSiti said, “Yes, let’s do it now.” … and so we started with the first phase.

Siti was the model patient whilst Syed Uzair played games on his iPhone.

“Since we’re going to work on improving on how your lower teeth look, Siti, I’m going to close the gap in the front as well … are you OK with that?” I asked as I worked with a smile … as if I really expected her to say no! 😉

Siti just smiled. “Are you OK? No pain?” I asked again … she shook her head.

And so in less than 60 minutes we were done!

And from the other side

Syed Uzair jumped up and said, “Wow! Beautiful!” as he gazed at Siti.

Siti took a deep, deep breath and looked into the mirror Ayu passed her.

“Cantiknya! I don’t believe it! Now I can smile!!” she said with a laugh. “I never smile wide … I always hide my smile with my hand before this. Now I can smile and smile and smile! I can’t wait to show it off at work tomorrow!”

Yes, Siti loved it!

Enjoy your new smile Siti …. but don’t forget we have another appointment in a few weeks time! We still haven’t done the composite veneers for the upper teeth either. When we complete those your smile will indeed be perfect.

I love my job.

I get to make people happy.

I get to create beautiful smiles every day! 😉

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