Wendy’s makeover: Dr Nik

Wendy is a new patient in our clinic. She was referred to me by her husband, Mr Tan who is my patient.

Like many people, Wendy is terrified of dentists, hence her last visit to a dentist was few years back. Fortunately, Mr Tan was able to encourage her to come to our clinic and get her teeth done.

Before-obvious gap

What she wanted me to do,was to get her teeth cleaned, do some fillings and close the gap between her lower teeth.

“I’m so nervous Dr….I’m so scared  of dentists, that’s why I’ve been delaying the treatment for years” she said with a smile.

“You don’t need to be nervous, I promise it will be painless. All I need to do is just your scaling and a few fillings. You need to come back to close the gaps though, because I need your gum to become healthy first”

I started off  with her scaling and did all the fillings needed.

“Ok, we’re done for today Wendy. We’ll set you another appointment to come back and do makeover to close up the lower gap” I told her once I was done.

After-no more gap

Today she came in to do her makeover, that is, to close the gap between her lower teeth. I noticed that she looked much more at ease this time compared to how she was on her last visit.

“How are you Wendy?” I asked.

“I’m fine Dr, thank you and I’m not that terrified of dentists anymore….I feel much comfortable coming to dental clinic now” she said.

“I’m glad you are and let us start on your makeover…it won’t take long” I reassured her.

So, I started to close the gap and it really didn’t take long. “Here’s a mirror Wendy, do have a look at your teeth” I said as I passed her a mirror. “I hope it’s ok and hope you like it”

“It looks much better Dr, I like it, thank you ….  and thank you for making me at ease during the procedure.” she said.

“You’re most welcome Wendy and don’t forget to come back for your regular check up” I said.

“I will Dr”, she said as she left the clinic smiling happily.

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