A new smile for Najla: Dr.Kayethri

Najla before

Najla is a student in a local university pursuing English. She found us via the blog and came in for a consultation. It was a hectic day that Monday as I had a string of patients. Najla came into the treatment room, excited to know more about the cosmetic veneers shown in the blog. She was all smiles.

I explained to Najla how the composite veneers are done ; no pulling out the teeth, no pain and the treatment is fast. She was all ready to do her makeover, but as she had a class to attend later, I suggested that she make another appointment when she was not in a rush. And so she did.

The day came for Najla’s makeover. This time she brought along her friend, to share her excitement “I’m free for the whole day. Let’s do this! ” she said eagerly.

Najla had gaps on her upper front teeth. All she needed to correct this were 4 composite veneers. It could be done in less than an hour.

Najla after

While I was busy working on Najla, her friend watched all the procedures from scratch.  Najla couldn’t wait to see the mirror, once I had completed the finishing touches so I immediately handed over the mirror to her.

“It’s unbeliavable, I’m so glad that I found the blog!” said Najla jumping in joy. I was waiting on what her friend had to say, and was happy when I saw her nodding approvingly to Najla.

I reminded Najla that there wasn’t any restriction on the type of food she can eat … except for bones, stones and metal of course. I also reminded her of the 1 month assurance we give for all our composite veneers.

All she has to do for the maintenance of the veneers were, to keep it clean by brushing and flossing as we always do, and to return for the usual 4 monthly check up and scaling.

Until I see you again Najla 🙂 .

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