Afiq ‘victorious’ smile: Dr Nik

I first saw Afiq and his wife Nurul a few days ago. They found us on the blog and walked in without an appointment for treatment. When they came in though, both Dr Dini and I were attending to our patients. Hapiza, my clinic manager asked them to come back later in the afternoon since there’s a free time slot.

I saw them later in the afternoon and they brought along their cute, chubby 5-month old baby girl. The appointment was set for Nurul, who wanted me to look at her swollen lower gum and wanted consultation on doing makeover.

Before-Afiq chipped and crooked teeth

Since Nurul’s gum were swollen, I was only able to do her scaling on that day and her makeover is scheduled to be in 2 weeks time. This is to allow the swelling to subside.

Since I was done with Nurul, Afiq, her husband asked me whether I can have a look at his teeth and do his scaling as well.

“Sure…I’ll have a look at your teeth and do your scaling”.

I started off by doing his scaling and found out that he had a chipped front tooth that was slightly sticking out and slightly crooked upper front teeth.

“Can something be done to that tooth?….It chipped off many years ago” he asked.

“Yes….I can make it look straighter too…Let me do a mock for you so that you can have an idea of how it will look like after the ¬†makeover” I said. “But you have to come back to do it, as I don’t have time to complete it now”

So, I did the mock and Afiq immediately agreed to do the makeover. New appointment date was given to Afiq and I saw him again today.

Nurul was envious that Afiq will get his makeover first but I told her that we have to wait for her swollen gum to fully subside so that we can get nice result when doing her makeover.

After-Afiq's transformed smile

Afiq smiled victoriously as he was sitting on the dental chair and I started off with the makeover. Afiq needed three veneers to transform his smile and it took me 45 minutes to finish up the makeover.

Afiq smiled happily looking at his new ‘teeth’¬† …. seeing his new smile, Nurul became impatient to have hers done too.

“It’s just another few more days to wait Nurul,,,,and I promised I’ll make yours pretty too” I said.

And they left the clinic with Afiq smiling broadly and another appointment date for Nurul’s makeover.

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