Carol’s New Smile : Dr Dini

Before-jutting out right central incisor and a tucked in lateral incisor

Carol came from Puchong to do her makeover after seeing the makeovers done at our clinic in the blog. She is a student in one of our local universities and will be graduating this July.

When Carol sat on the dental chair , I asked her what she would like to do and she replied, “I would like you to fix my upper teeth.”

I noticed her right central incisor was jutting out and this made the tooth next to it looked tucked inside. It also had a white patch on the central incisor. This is what we called fluorosis.

After I examined Carol’s teeth, I explained to her that I can help her achieved her dream smile. I recommended 4 composite veneers for her 4 front teeth to create a perfectly aligned smile.

Carol agreed. The veneers were done in no time. When I handed her the mirror, Carol did not show much reaction.

I asked her,”What do you think Carol?” She replied,”I think this tooth is a bit longer than the tooth next to it and I still can see the white patch.” She pointed to me the tooth that she wants me to do the adjustment.

After-more aligned smile

I re-examined the veneers and agreed with Carol. After few minutes of adjustment on the veneers, I handed her the mirror again. This time she smiled and said,”Perfect! Thank you doctor.’

I too, was happy with the result.

As we said our goodbyes, I reminded Carol to keep on smiling because now she has a gorgeous smile to show off.

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