Tasha’s Dream Smile : Dr Dini

Before-a tucked in lateral incisors

Tasha is a gorgeous young lady. I mean…she is really beautiful! When she first came in with her mother, I thought she only wanted to do a normal dental check up.

I was wrong!!!

She came in for orthodontic consultation. Then, I remembered her mother came with her younger brother two weeks ago and told me  that her daughter needed to wear braces to re-aligned her front teeth. I advised them to come for consultation for me to have a look.

After the initial examination, we talked about  Clearpath Aligners and also the conventional braces.  Since Tasha is a freelance model, she chose to do the Clearpath Aligners.

After-a well aligned smile

Her main concern were her front teeth. She told me she didn’t like her  profile on her right side since her canine was sticking out. So…if she was doing a photo shoot, she always avoided posing on her right side.

The previous dentist with whom Tasha consulted, advised her on wearing Invisalign Aligners to re-aligned her front teeth. ClearPath Orthodontics and Invisalign Aligners have the same functions but are from two different companies. There are marked difference in their treatment procedures actually.

After listening to her story, I explained to Tasha and her mother the problem was not the canine tooth. The canine looked like it was sticking out because her lateral incisor was tucked in.  I suggested that she opt to do veneers instead of orthodontic treatment.

From the right side

They both asked me to explain more about veneers. I was happy to comply and at the same time did the mock up for them to have a clearer picture on how Tasha would look like after the composite veneer work.

Once the mock up was done, Tasha and her mother were ecstatic with the result. Tasha snapped few pictures of herself after the mock up and sent it to her close friends. Her close friends suggested that she do the veneers. Both mother and daughter agreed.

In less than an hour, Tasha got her dream smile. She couldn’t stop smiling and wouldn’t let go of the mirror.

“Now the photographer can take my  pictures from any angle” said Tasha.

“I agree and enjoy your new smile Tasha” I said.

A gorgeous smile for a gorgeous young lady.

I love my job.

I get to make people happy  and have their dream smile at the same time.

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