Khairul’s perfect smile: Dr Nik

Khairul is an eighteen year old boy who had just received his SPM result and is waiting to enter college. He is the younger brother of Teha, my assistant clinic manager.

Khairul's broken teeth

Khairul has two broken front teeth. It was broken when he had an accident few years ago. He asked his mother permission to do the filling and Teha happily set an appointment once their mother gave the permission.

Khairul came in nervous as it’s been a while since his last appointment with a dentist. That is also the reason why he had been going around with broken teeth all this while. Since Teha is working in a dental clinic and told him pleasant stories about our patients’ experience, he found the courage to get his teeth done too.

Looking at Khairul, it is obvious that his two left front teeth were broken.

“This is very easy to do Khairul and it’s painless too, so no worries ok. Let’s see how much space we have to build up the broken part”, I said to him after the initial examination.

Assessing space that was available and not in the way off the lower jaw movement is crucial so that the composite added to build the tooth could last longer. In Khairul’s case, there was quite ample space for me to work on.

I did the makeover with Sue assisting me and every once a while Teha would come in to have a look at her brother.

“Don’t worry Teha…I promise to make him handsome”, I told her as I worked on him.

Khairul's perfect smile

And I think I did deliver what I promised!

“Have a look  Khairul” I said as I passed him the mirror…”Don’t you think it looks nice and perfect now?”

Khairul nodded his head and smile. Teha came in again eager to have a look at Khairul’s final smile. “Now it looks better and nicer….and don’t bite on bones or stones on those teeth!” Teha reminded  her brother.

With Teha around reminding him, I think the fillings will last very very long. 😉

Before Khairul left the clinic, Teha printed and gave him his ‘Before’ and ‘After’ makeover album.

And yes, Khairul left the clinic with a broad smile on his face.

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