Wyda and Sara’s makeover: Dr.Kayethri

Wyda before

Wyda and Sara booked 2 appointments on a Friday. What we didn’t know was these two pretty girls were sisters.

Wyda the lawyer is the older one, she heard about our blog from a friend and checked it out. She went and told her little sister about it. Little did she know, eager Sara, made an appointment even before her! What did Wyda do then? Of course she quickly made another appointment just after Sara to check out what we have to offer in Klinik Pergigian Fauziah :).

When Wyda and Sara walked into the treatment room, I didn’t know who was older and who was younger. Wyda sat first on the dental chair, while Sara quietly looked from the side.

“I want to get a scaling done, and I would also want to know what are my options for this gap I have here” said Wyda pointing to her upper front middle teeth. I took my first tools, my pen and a paper, and started listing out the treatment options for the gap she had on her upper central teeth. “Frankly Wyda, you only need composite veneers to close the gap and to improvise the shapes of your front teeth” I told her.

Wyda after

Wyda had spaces in between her upper front teeth and her side teeth were relatively too small for her centre teeth. I explained to Wyda with 4 veneers and a Zoom! whitening she could get a beautiful smile. But Wyda was on a budget at the moment, thus wanted to close the gaps alone and promised to come back again to get the rest done.

Closing the gaps neeeded only 2 half veneers and was easy peesy. Sara on the other hand, was listening quietly to the explanation I was giving to her sister. I started to work on Wyda and started my conversation with Sara.

It was then,  I guessed Sara was the little sister. She was expressive, loud and bubbly! She loves cooking while Wyda was totally opposite. Hahaha! The two sisters made the environment so lively!

Wyda’s veneers were done in 20 minutes. Truth is small alterations bring significant change in our look. Wyda was amazed how different she looked when the small gap was closed.

Sara before

Now Sara, has been waiting patiently for her turn.She on the other hand, had gaps on her upper and lower teeth and had an edge to edge bite with the upper right canine tucked behind the lower right canine (crossbite). Now, that’s a bit tricky, but possible. Wyda now had the chance to watch the whole procedure done on her sister.” It’s a dental art,” said Wyda after watching how the composite veneers are done. ” And the best part is you get the result instantly” I said.

Sara needed 6 veneers to close her upper teeth gaps. It took about an hour to complete the veneers. Sara started fidgeting her hands. “I can’t wait to see” she giggled. When I handed her the mirror, she took a few deep breaths and turned the mirror to take a look. “It’s unbelievable, this is what I always wanted, thank you so much”. She said laughing away.

Sara after

It was a real pleasure giving the sisters what they wanted. After exchanging hugs they promised to come back to get the rest of the makeover done. Wyda wanted to come back to get the remaining 2 veneers for her upper teeth and Sara wanted to close the gaps on her lowers. I told them not to worry about what to eat and what not to, as the veneers have a guarantee for a month.

Looking forward to see you two soon, and keep smiling!  🙂

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