Harraz’s perfect smile : Dr Dini.

Boys will always be boys. I mean… they play, argue and sometimes fight among themselves and sometimes they may injure themselves. They will have scars and sometimes break their teeth!

This is what happened to Harraz.

Before- chipped left central incisor

Harraz is a 9 year old boy who broke his front tooth while playing on the slide in a hotel swimming pool, while vacationing in Penang with his family.

He got it fixed the first time it happened, but during the weekend , whilst playing with his siblings at home, the front tooth broke again.

The next day, his father brought him to our clinic after he refused to go to school. I totally understand his feelings. He would surely get teased by his friends about his broken tooth.

After I examined Harraz’s teeth, I told his father that I could build up the tooth by doing a simple composite veneer.. Harraz’s father agreed.

While building up Harraz’s tooth, I explained to his father, that complications may occur in future (swelling or pain) on that particular tooth which is common since it had been traumatized. If it were to happen, he may need root canal treatment. Harraz’s father understood.

In less than 20 minutes, I completed the veneers. I handed Harraz the mirror for him to have a look.

After- no more broken tooth

I asked him, “What do you think Harraz?”

He replied, “Wow! It looks like a real tooth”

He even smile wider after that. “Now I can go to school”, he added.

As we said our good byes, I reminded Harraz’s father to bring him every 6 month for a routine dental check up.

So, my suggestion is, if it ever were to happen to you or someone you know, do call us at 03-41071591/ 03-26911334.

At Klinik Pergigian Fauziah we know what to do.

We will help to create your beautiful smile!

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