A sweeter smile for Ris: Dr.Kayethri

Ris's 'old' smile

Ris found us through our blog. This mother of two was a very trendy, friendly and a lively young lady. Ris read our testimonials in the blog and decided to check us out. She came in for a normal check up and scaling appointment.

Ris came into the clinic with a wide smile. She just loves to smile! As she sat on the dental chair she told me what I always hear from most people, “I don’t like visiting the dentist” with a wide smile ;).

“Well who does? But you wouldn’t feel it too much if your dentist is your friend right?” I said with a smile too. Well isn’t that true? 🙂

Ris needed her regular scaling and check up. Ris is working in the marketing line in a private firm. That means she meets up with new people everyday. Maybe that explains how she warms up with people so quickly! 🙂

Ris's 'new' smile

I couldn’t but notice the uneven shape of her upper front teeth. Ris had her upper centre teeth slightly ‘crammed’ together and she had gaps between her central teeth and her second teeth on both right and left. “Ris, have you ever wanted to change the way your teeth looked? ” I asked her. ” Yes, I saw all those pictures in your blog. Tell me how you did them? “she asked.

And so I explained to Ris how composite veneers need minimal preparations on teeth and it is painless and fast. Ris needed only 4 veneers to improve her look, and she gave the green light for me to proceed.

It took only 40 minutes to complete her 4 veneers. I gave the finishing touch and handed over the mirror to her. “I won’t be able to stop smiling now ” she said happily after looking at the mirror. Ris said the venees were her husband’s gift for her and was eager to show it to him.

Creating beautiful smiles everyday gives us so much of fulfillment and satisfaction. Not only we are given the opporturnity to make our patients happy but we also make new friends in that process.

So yes, I love my job! 🙂

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7 years ago

Wow, many very logical suggestions! I truly appreciate you penning this page and the rest of your site is extremely good!