Hanna’s straighter teeth: Dr Nik

I know that coming to visit a dentist is not something that people look forward too. However, if someone you know referred or recommended you to their dentist, the first visit to them will probably be less stressful.

But if something moves or motivates you, you may even be excited to visit the dentist even though you are nervous.

Hanna is a graceful young engineer who, like most people, was scared to visit a dentist. Her sisters, nephew and nieces are patients of our clinic and had been talking about the pleasant experiences they had. They recommended her to come and visit our clinic should she need any dental treatment.

Before- Hanna's crooked teeth

One day she came across our blog and saw the makeover that we did. She was amazed and wondered if she can get one done for her too. She got over her fear enough to call our clinic and set an appointment with me.

She came in nervous and told me that it’s been a while since her last visit to a dental clinic and that she was a bit scared.

“Don’t worry Hanna, I’ll do the treatment gently…you want me to do your scaling right?” I asked since her appointment was for scaling. “Yes, but I want to do that too” she said pointing to a board of photos of makeover just by the side of my dental chair.

“Ohh…you want me to beautify your teeth too. Sure….what is it that you want me to do?”

“I would like to have even and much align teeth…my teeth seems to be a bit crooked”

“Yes, they are a bit crooked but good news is I can help you to make it look straighter…What you need is just 4 veneers and it won’t take long” I said and immediately started off with her makeover.

We chatted as I was working with her teeth and I figured out who her sisters and nieces were. I have so many patient who refer their families that most of the time I feels like I was doing a jigsaw puzzle to put them together. Sometimes it’s from grandparents to their grandchildren. Just imagine that….After- straighter teeth!

Almost an hour passed by and it’s time for me to show Hanna her teeth. I passed her a mirror and waited for her reaction. She looked nervous initially and as she flipped and gazed into the mirror she broke into a smile. The smile became wider and and she thanked me for doing the makeover for her.

“Lucky that I came across your blog….it really motivated me to come and have my teeth done. Thank you doctor.” she said as she was leaving the clinical room.

“You’re most welcome Hanna. I’m glad you like it and  I’ll see you again in 6 months time for your normal check up”

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