The New Izan : Dr Dini

Izan is one of our regular patients at our clinic in Taman Melawati for a few years now. She always comes in for her dental check up every 6 month!

Each time, Dr Nik and I would always advise her to change her upper crown.

Before- a whiter and larger crown and discolored left central incisor

Her upper crown is too white and too big compared to her natural teeth shade and size. She also had a discolored left central incisor. This is because she had done root canal treatment on that tooth years ago.

Every time we advised her to make an appointment to change her crown , she would just politely smile.

Last week, out of the blue moon, she called our clinic to make an appointment. When I first saw her, I thought it was for her routine dental check up… I was wrong!!

Once seated on the dental chair, she said “Okay doctor…I’m ready to change this crown to a new one.”

I asked her what made her change her mind…. She explained to me that all this while she was afraid that the new crown will easily drop off!

I reassured her that it wouldn’t happen.

So…after hearing her explanation, I advised her to do 2 units of crowns. One to change the old crown and another one for the tooth that had been root treated. This will give her a better smile and it will look more like her natural teeth.

She agreed to my treatment plan.

It took Izan two visits to complete the treatment , but the result is better and nicer than before.

After- nicer and better than before.

Izan was nervous at first when I handed her the mirror. She keep asking me if this new crown will fall off.

I reassured her again that it won’t happen.

I promised her at the beginning of the treatment that she would love her new smile when she walked out of the clinic.

And yes, she did!

Before she left, I MMS-ed her the “Before” and “After” photos for her to show to her family members and friends

I am so happy that I could do the job for her.

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11 years ago

may i know the price for this treatment?