Dayah gets her dazzling smile: Dr.Kayethri

Dayah before

I love to smile….. a lot. And I am sure a lot of people do too. Getting a smile from anyone, even a stranger always lifts up our day. Often people think of improving their smile. There are many ways to improve your smile depending on your teeth condition; whitening for a brighter smile, braces or aligners to straighten teeth, bridges to fill up those missing teeth. But very few would have expected that you can also get a dazzling smile in a couple of hours or even within an hour.

Dayah is working in a local bank. She was one of our regular and has not visited us for quite some time.

Dayah afterShe only decided to visit us when she noticed her gum started bleeding on brushing. Now, she was lucky that she didn’t take too long to realise that she missed her regular 4-6 monthly scaling and check up, and the fact that she only had a mild gum swelling (gingivitis) here and there and not on the entire gum.

While doing her check up, I noticed Dayah having a rather ‘squarish’ upper front teeth which made her uppers look kind of jutting out. Hmm….not a very feminine teeth.

Dayah is a lovely woman. Adding some ‘curves’ to her teeth will definitely make her more attractive ;-). That can be done with no sweat at all and fast by reconturing her front teeth. I also noticed she has a gap in the middle and a rather short and tucked in canines.

Thus I suggested 2 composite veneers for both of her upper middle teeth and another 2 for both of her canines. I recommended her to do her makeover the next day after getting her scaling done first, should the gum bleeds during the scaling. You see, composite material is very sensitive to moisture, be it saliva or blood. Dayah agreed .

The scaling was over in no time and as I sent her off, I booked her as the first patient the next morning to get her make over done.

Dayah before

The next morning Dayah came in as scheduled. I quickly got the work started for her.I did the recountouring of the front teeth first to give them more curves and then started with the veneers. In the midst of the treatment I realised Dayah could get a perfect smile if she did her second incisors as well ( the second tooth to the central teeth) . Then I could actually make her teeth longer and more attratctive.

“Dayah, I think you could get a more natural and beautiful smile if you added another 2 veneers to the front teeth. That would make 6 veneers in total.” I told Dayah frankly. I showed her in the mirror how it looked with 4 veneers and how adding on 2 veneers will make a vast difference. Dayah certainly didn’t hesitate and agreed. Yeay! 🙂

About an hour and a half later, as I finished polishing all her veneers I handed over the mirror to her. “Wow, they look so natural! Thank you so much Dr!”she expressed happily.

Dayah after

Phew! I’m glad I didn’t hesitate to suggest about the add ons and was very happy with the result too. Having patients who are open for suggestion really make a difference in the treatment plan and the result.

I said goodbye to Dayah reminding her that she has to come for her scaling and her check up 4 monthly and it is crucial.

Thank you Dayah for trusting Klinik Pergigian Fauziah, and yes don’t hesitate to call us if you too would like to get that dazzling smile that you always dreamed about! We are always here to assist you :-).

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