A Small Change Brings A Big Difference : Dr Dini

Before- yellowish and a slightly chipped right central incisor.

Like most of our patients, Aina knew about our clinic and services from our blog.

After much hesitation, she finally decided to overcome her fear and called us to book an appointment.

Aina wanted to do the Zoom! whitening treatment and also fix her front tooth. Her right central incisor’s front edge was slightly chipped off.

She works in an engineering company, which requires her to meet a lot of people. She told me, that she was very concerned about her yellowish teeth and she seldom smiled widely because of this.

I reassured her that she will have her dream smile in 2 hours.

The first part of her treatment was scaling and polishing followed with  a few fillings. After that I started the Zoom! whitening procedure which lasted about an hour and a half.

After I finished with the Zoom! whitening treatment, I proceeded with the front tooth.. It only took me 10 minutes to build up the broken part of the chipped central incisor.

After - white dazzling smile. No more chipped edge.

I handed Aina the mirror for her to have a look.

“Yes!! this is exactly what I want” she said.

I was so happy to hear that. A beautiful and dazzling smile for a beautiful lady.

I told her to enjoy her new smile and she promised me she will.

It took only 2 and half hours for Aina to have her dream smile.

Getting a makeover including veneers and Zoom! whitening doesn’t necessarily need to occupy your whole day. It may be done in between your lunch break with no hassle at all.

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