Before- upper tooth tuck behind the lower

Do you remember Afiq? The guy whom I wrote about his makeover early this month(see ‘Afiq victorious smile’). Well, the day has come for his wife, Nurul’s makeover.

Nurul who was disappointed that she had to wait for her swollen gum to subside before getting her teeth done, came in eager to get her makeover done. She came in smack on time and very excited to go through the treatment.

“Is my gums ok now Dr?” ¬†was the first thing she asked once she was seated on the dental chair.

“Can we do the makeover today?”….that’s the second question. I smiled at her. “Let me have a look first” I said as I ¬†picked up my examination tools and started checking her gum. Her gums seemed to be much better and healthier and I happily told her that she will get her makeover today. Nurul was so happy and was ready for me to do her teeth.

Overall, Nurul has very nice teeth. All her teeth are nicely aligned except for the two on the right side. These two teeth, her upper and lower right lateral incisors (tooth next to the central one) bite in an incorrect position. The upper tooth bites behind the lower tooth!!

After- Edge to edge and no longer tuck behind.

Nurul had wanted this to be corrected a long time ago, but she felt having to have to wear braces just to correct this, was a bit too much for her.

Fortunately, she knew that we could improve her smile with our makeovers! I’m was glad to do be able to fix it for her.

Since I only had to do two teeth, it didn’t take long before I passed her a mirror to look at her new smile. I was happy with the result and hoped that she liked it too.

“It looks nicer and much better that before Dr. Now it doesn’t look weird like how it used to be.” Nurul said smiling happily.

“Do you like it?” I asked, just to be sure. “Yes…I like it,thank you Dr”

“You’re most welcome Nurul and we’ll see you and Afiq again in 4 months time for normal check up”

She left the clinic with her ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photo album and a big pretty smile on her face.

Enjoy your smile Nurul!

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