A happy start for Ru: Dr.Kayethri

Ru before

Ru is a student pursuing syariah law in a local university. She is one of the many who have visited our website and came in to our clinic out of curiosity ;-).

Curious how it is done, curious whether the photos in the makeover gallery were photo shopped or edited, curious if it is true that it is really fast, painless and effective.

So Ru came in wondering if she could find a solution for her teeth condition. For someone who just visited us for the first time, she was very confident. She came in, and when I asked “So how can I assist you Ru? ” , she replied confidently “I would like to close this gap in the middle Dr” pointing at her upper front teeth. It was as if she was positive that we could assist her!

Ru after

What Ru was pointing at, was the gap she had in between her upper centre teeth. What I saw, was a smaller left centre tooth which led to the gap, and the teeth next to the centres had uneven shape. That gave a gap between the upper and lower teeth.

I listed out the options Ru had; between doing braces, crowns and composite veneers.

Ru wanted the composite veneers as they were within her budget as a student and because they needed minimal preparations. She needed only 4 composite veneers to get her dream smile :-).

Ru before

Why 4 and not 2 or 1, you may ask. When we smile, most of the time we can see 6 of our front teeth, from canine to canine. Thus, to improve a person’s smile with composite veneers,most of the time they have to be done in ‘sets’ of 2, 4 or 6 veneers to get a more symmetrical and aligned teeth as a result.

The 4 composite veneers Ru agreed on, did change her smile. When she saw the result, she was gleaming in happiness. ” Thank you Dr ” she gave me a simple thanks with a wide smile. That was a priceless appreciation!

As I was booking her scaling appointment, she went out to show her new smile to her friend who was waiting for her at the waiting room. She was happy. I reminded her on the 1 month guarantee we have for the

Ru afterveneers and to come back for her scaling soon.

It was not a happy ending for Ru but a happy start, as she would have a boosted confidence level now. A beautiful smile makes all the difference :-).

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