No more gaps: Dr Nik


Hamdan was referred to me by his sister, Hani who just had her makeover few days ago. Hamdan visited the dentist regularly and has his own dentist. However, when he saw the tremendous change in Hani’s smile, he too want a makeover for himself. Hani encouraged him to come and see me and get his teeth done. She gave him our clinic number and Hamdan called us on that same day for an appointment.

When Hamdan came in, he appeared to me as a very cheerful man. He kept saying that we are ‘sekampung ‘ (malay word to say that we came from same place) and I remembered that Hani once told me that her father is a Kelantanese. As for Hamdan, it is more ‘sekampung’ since his wife is also a Kelantanese.

As we were chatting, I realized that Hamdan had gaps in between his teeth and sure enough that was his main reason for coming in for his makeover.

“Well…I guess it runs in the family since Hani too had the same kind of problem before. However, yours is not as bad as what Hani had. Doing a few cosmetic fillings will help you to close up the gaps” I said.

After- no more gaps.

I did a very quick mock up and as fast as lightning Hamdan said yes. “Go ahead Dr, I’m totally ready and eager for this” he said.

So…I started  off doing the makeover and as usual  I started with the two central ones. This is crucial as these two has to be as identical as possible in terms of size and shape. Then I did the side ones. The left side is pretty difficult to do as the gap there was the widest. I managed to get the makeover done in an hours time and I was happy that it turned up beautiful.

Hamdan was happy with the makeover too and kept grinning while looking at his new no-more-gaps upper teeth. “It looks really nice Doctor. I’ll come back for the lower someday next week”

Hope to see you next week Hamdan and let’s create  a complete beautiful smile.

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