A Makeover Gift From A Father : Dr. Dini

Azfar- before

Azfar is a 18 year old young man who had traveled all the way from Johor Bharu for his makeover.

He found out about us through his sister, who heard about our blog from a friend. She then checked it out and told Azfar about it. She even made the appointment for him.

On the first visit, Azfar came in with his father for consultation. Azfar’s request was to close the gaps in his smile.

After I did my initial examination, I discussed the treatments available for him and advised him as to what in my opinion, suited him best .

I explained to them about orthodontic treatment. This includes the Clearpath Aligners, where he could close the gap without brackets and wires.

As I finished explaining, his father, Mr. Nazim told me that he was sending Azfar overseas to pursue his studies later this year.

Hearing this, I showed them the makeover album and suggested that he does 8 veneers on his upper and lower teeth.

After  looking at the album for a few minutes, Azfar agreed to do the treatment plan I suggested.

We made another appointment for the veneers, as Mr. Nazim had another appointment which he had to go to.

On the appointment day, Azfar came in all smiling, ready for his makeover. I saw Mr. Nazim in the waiting area and asked if he wanted to watch me work during the procedure.

He replied,” No…I’ll leave him in your good hands. I trust you. I”ll come back in 2 hours time”

I started with the upper teeth first followed with the lower teeth. After 2 1/2 hours, I handed Azfar the mirror and invited Mr. Nazim to have a look as well.

After- no more gaps.

I waited for their reaction. Mr. Nazim was very happy with the result so was Azfar. But, Azfar was concerned about  feeling strange after the makeover.  I reassured him in 2-3 days the feeling would disappear. It was quite normal to feel a little strange!

I advised him to enjoy his new smile and to come again if he needed any adjustment or touch up.

Azfar came in 2 days later, just for me to have a look before he went back to Johor.

Once seated, I asked him, “How do you feel now?”

He smiled at me and replied, “I feel good. I don’t feel any discomfort. I’m getting used to this new smile”.

I was happy to hear that.  After I did my examination and reassured him that his veneers was in good condition, I WhatsApp-ed him the Before and After pictures.

As we said our good byes, Mr. Nazim joked that after this, all the girls in Johor will be queuing up  for Azfar to take them out.

I laughed and agreed with Mr. Nazim.

Enjoy your new smile Azfar!!

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11 years ago

I stumble upon your blog while researching about dental veneer on the net. I’m interested for a smile make over but i would like to have a price estimation of the veneer per tooth. I have similar condition on my upper teeth like Azfar above where there is a gap between the middle incisors and the other two incisors next to each of the middle incisors grown little bit at the back.

Mahfuz, Pasir Gudang , Johor