A new chapter in life: Dr Nik

Hani is a young lady who had been our patient for a couple of years now. She first  came to our clinic for orthodontic treatment (braces) to correct her teeth alignment. She previously had gaps in between her teeth and this was as a result of having a relatively smaller teeth compared to the size of her jaw.

Recently she had her braces removed and are entering new chapter of life without the braces. She had an appointment to do her scaling with me on the same day that the braces was removed.

Before- small teeth

On initial examination prior doing her scaling, I noticed that all her teeth are nicely aligned now but her teeth are rather short in length and it doesn’t suit her face.

“Yes .. it does look rather short and small and when I smile very little of the upper teeth can be seen.” she said.

“Well, I can make it look nicer since I have ample space to lengthen the upper teeth. Once I lengthen it, it will appear slightly bigger than these as well….let me do the mock up so that you can have an idea and understand what I mean” I said.

And I started off doing her mock up and as I predicted it looks nicer and ‘normal’. I passed her a mirror and she instantly gave me green light to go ahead with the makeover.

“Yes…lets do it.” she said.

I started off by building up her central two teeth as a guideline to how long I can lengthen the teeth without interrupting her biting and chewing movement. Then I build up the side ones.And the result is she looks totally different than she was before especially when she smiles. Now she smiles even more beautifully than before.

After- longer and nicer looking teeth

As she gazed into her reflection in the mirror she smiled widely and told me that now her teeth look beautiful.

“I like it, it’s much much better than before and when I smile there’s more of the upper teeth that can be seen now.” she said.

“Are you happy with your new smile?” I ¬†asked. “I definitely am.” Hani said.

Alhamdulillah, I’m happy too that I’m able to create a better smile for her which can boost her confidence when she smiles widely.

As we’re saying goodbyes, I reminded her that she had to come back again to get her upper retainer and get the lower fixed retainer done in a week time. She nodded and left the clinic smiling broadly.

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10 years ago

I like Dr Nik