Hafiz’s Makeover :Dr. Dini

Before- white patch on the incisors.

Hafiz first came to our clinic just to have a consultation regarding his teeth. He is one of the many who had visited our website and came in to our clinic out of curiosity.

On the first visit, he was accompanied by his younger brother who happened to be a first year dental officer in Sarawak hospital. Hafiz was a shy guy. He came in wondering if he could find a solution for his problem.

At first glance, I noticed the midline shift that he had and I straight away suggested him to undergo orthodontic treatment.

He quickly shook his head and said no. He explained to me that he is aware of the midline shift …  as his brother already explained it to him but it didn’t bother him at all. He was more concerned about the white patches on his teeth.

Upon hearing his actual concern, I then proposed that Hafiz have 8 composite veneers done … 4 on the upper and 4 on his lower teeth.

After- no more white patch and no more gaps on the lower teeth.

I explained to Hafiz why it would look better on him with 4 composite veneers for his upper teeth. The reason was, his 2 lateral incisors was slightly tucked in, and by placing veneers on them, it will improve his smile when the teeth were ‘repositioned’.

Hafiz then told me that he liked the way his lateral incisor was and asked me not to do veneers on it. I smiled at him and told him,”Of course, I can leave it as it is!”

“Then you only need 6 veneers altogether.” I told him.

He looked at his younger brother who was listening to our conversation, asking for his opinion.

His younger brother looked at him at said, “I think if I were you, I will proceed with the treatment.”

Hafiz requested few days to think about it and also to discuss the treatment plan with his parents. He promised to call us to fix an appointment.

As promised, few days later Hafiz came in all smiling and more relaxed than before.

“Lets do it.” he said.

I smiled at him and proceeded with the treatment.  His case was a challenging one. I had to make sure that the midline didn’t get shifted more, thus making his biting and teeth arrangement tilted to one side.

In less than 2 hours, Hafiz finally got his wish.

When he looked in the mirror, he was all smiles and I could tell that he was happy with the end result.

I was happy too that I was able to create a better smile for him which can boost his confidence when he smiles widely.

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