New smile to victory: Dr.Kayethri

Yas before

Yas is a student pursuing her tertiary education in a local university in healthcare. She found us from the blog and decided to visit us. Her first appointment was just for a consultation, to get familiar with the options that she had to change her smile.

Yas was a very graceful person.  Yas was concerned about the gap she had on her upper left side due to a missing tooth. She was curious about the options she had to replace the tooth. She also wanted to know how she could improve her upper front teeth and was very interested in Zoom! Whitening treatment.

Yas had an uneven upper front teeth due to the tilted and smaller lateral incisors (the teeth next to the centre teeth). I laid the treatment plan in front of her; she could have a bridge to replace the gap along with composite veneers to align the front teeth, or a composite build-up for the gap, along with the composite veneers. But even before proceeding with either option, she has to get her Zoom! whitening done to get a brighter shade of her teeth.

Finally Yas chose to get the Zoom! whitening, followed by 4 composite veneers for the upper front teeth and a composite build-up to replace the missing tooth.

Yas before

We started her makeover on the second visit, where we started with the Zoom! Whitening treatment which took about 1 1/2 hours. The result? Brilliant! In less than 2 hours, Yas got her teeth brightened  more than 6 shades lighter! She was really happy and gave the green light to proceed with the composite veneers.

While working on Yas’s veneers I jokingly asked if she is getting the makeover done for her wedding. She laughed and told me the ‘secret’ reason for getting the makeover. Yas is a classical dancer. She is participating in a dance competition in just a few days time and she wants to be able to smile wide. The gap she had has always stopped her from smiling in her previous shows. Wow! I was impressed . I had to give her the very best for her upcoming competition. A winning smile 🙂

Yas after

The veneers were done in about an hour. Yas took the mirror and she couldn’t stop smiling. “Now I don’t have to hide my smile, doc.” she said. ” All the best in your competition,” I replied. I reminded her that she can eat anything she wants except for bones, stones and metal :), and to come every 4 monthly for her regular check-up and scaling .

Did Yas get her dream? Oh yes, she did…. her dream smile and her dream to win the competition!

Well done Yas!

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