Nicer teeth,nicer smile: Dr Nik

Rai is a nursing student in one of private nursing teaching institute in Kuala Lumpur. She was on her last day of her practical training one and a half months ago in Seremban, when she was involved in an accident. She was a pillion riding a motor bike with her friend when the accident happened.

She was sent to a nearby hospital where she was treated for her laceration wounds and bruises. She was also treated for her two fractured front upper central teeth by the dental officer in charge who placed a temporary filling to cover and protect the fractured teeth.

Before-fractured teeth after an accident

Once she was back in Kuala Lumpur, she felt sharp edges on the temporary filling and it scratched her swollen lips. Her friend searched the net for  a dental clinic and found our clinic. They went through our blog and were relieved when they found out that something could be done to the fractured teeth. They called and set for an appointment.

On her first visit one and a half months ago, nothing much could be done except blunting the sharp edges of the temporary fillings since her lips were still swollen and the wound were still raw. It  would be painful for her if I were to do the makeover then. Hence, new appointment date was given for her to come back for her makeover..

Today, when she came in, gone was the swelling and wounds were healed. What was  left was scar on the top of her upper lip and on her chin. “Well at least I can help to beautify your teeth today…are you ready for this?” I asked and Rai nodded.

It’s quite easy and straight forward cosmetic fillings that needed to be done. What she needed was 2 cosmetic fillings and 1 veneer. In more or less 45 minutes, I completed the makeover.

As usual patient, Rai, like other patients was pretty nervous to see the result.

After-nicer teeth,nicer smile

I waited for her reaction and what I saw make me feel relief. She smiled broadly and said that she liked the makeover that I had done. She now could smile widely.

“Thank you so much Dr”  she said. “I’m so glad I can help you, Rai. It must have been a shock for you when the front teeth fractured” I said. “I hope you have the confidence to smile and will be able to face patients confidently”

“I’m sure I will…thank you again Dr” she said  as she left the clinic.

I realized how much a simple thank you from a satisfied patient meant to me.

… I love this feeling and I love my job..

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