Ema’s New Smile : Dr Dini

before - gaps between teeth

Like most of our new patient who got to know  us from the blog or referral from other patient , Ema was no different. She was referred to us by one of our patients who had done some dental treatment and was happy with our services.

For someone who just visited us for the first time, she was very confident although she was nervous at the same time

“What can I do for you today Ema ?” I asked her once she comfortably seated on the chair.

“I want you to help me close this gap” She pointed to her upper teeth.

“Ooooo this is easy” I told her.

“You can get your dream smile in just 30 minutes” I added.

“What ? You mean I don’t need to wear braces ?” she asked.

I smiled and couldn’t help laughing at the same time. I told her that she didn’t required any orthodontic treatment since her teeth was well aligned. She was relieved to hear that. She told me that her friends always teased her that she needed braces since her teeth were ‘jongang’ (protruded)!

I reassured her that she did not need braces!

After - no more gaps!

Ema gave me the green light to proceed with the treatment. Exactly 30 minutes later, she got her dream smile. I handed her the mirror and she couldn’t stop smiling.

“Wow!! This look nice and like a real teeth” she said

“It is your real teeth. I just made it look nicer for you Ema” I said to her.

Ema requested me to do scaling and also few fillings for her since she felt no pain when I did the veneer. I happily agreed and started with the scaling.

After 45 minutes passed by, again I handed her the mirror…

“Now you have your dream smile Ema… a cleaner teeth and gorgeous smile to show to your friends” I told her.

“Yes doctor. But first I want to meet up with my boyfriend and show him my new smile” I laughed and urged her to do that ASAP!

Alhamdulillah…. another happy patient for the day and I was happy  that I was able to deliver what she wanted.

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