The difference: Dr. Kayethri

Wawa before

Wawa is a fresh new graduate who is just about to step into the career world. She and her friends found out about Klinik Pergigian Fauziah via the blog, thus they paid us a visit one day just for consultation appointments.

Wawa and her two buddies were eager to know more about the makeovers they had read about in the blog, but I had to see them one by one to examine what they needed as individuals. After all, different individuals may need different intervention to give that difference.

Wawa after

I suggested a mock-up for each of the buddies. When it came to Wawa’s turn, I took a look at her teeth condition. Wawa is a very pretty girl, but her smile was not exactly complimenting her. She had big teeth compared to her small jaw. In short, her teeth size was not proportionate to her jaw size. She had what we call as crowding of the upper and lower teeth.

Wawa before

I laid out the options that Wawa had in our examination and diagnosis sheet. Unfortunately for Wawa, I couldn’t do a mock up as I won’t be able to achieve the actual result I would want to, without recountouring the teeth first. You see, during a mock-up, we place the composite material used for the veneers on the teeth surface, without any preparations to the teeth at all.

Wawa’s treatment plan included braces or aligners (ClearPath), and composite veneers to give a more aligned teeth. Wawa was not keen on braces or aligners, thus she chose to get the composite veneers. She needed 6 composite veneers for the uppers and 4 for the lower to make a difference.

It was the second visit after the consultation Wawa decided to supercede her buddies to get the makeover done ;).

“Where are your buddies this time?” I asked her. ” Oh, they are waiting to see my makeover result, ” she grinned. ” Well , you won’t be disappointed,” I said smiling.

Wawa after

I started my work by preparing her teeth first for the composite veneers. It took almost 2 hours for me to complete Wawa’s makeover. After I finished with the final polishing, I handed over the mirror to her.

“Oh wow! My canine doesn’t look jutting out anymore. My teeth looks so much straighter!” Wawa smiled.

Well, Wawa couldn’t stop smiling until she left the clinic. I reminded her to come for her regular 4-monthly check-ups and scaling, that is to get a general examination and clean up. A few days later , I noticed her buddy booked an appointment for her makeover. I’m glad that the friends had faith in us as a team to give them the difference. Wawa is now all set to enter the career world more confidently now!

All the best Wawa!

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