A fruitful wait: Dr.Kayethri

Madam Ana before

Madam Ana came in to our clinic one day with her son for a consultation. She found us through our website. Both mother and son were very interested to find out about the makeovers we do and were curious if it would work for them.

Madam Ana’s son was a junior pilot . He wanted to smile with confidence. After all, isn’t that what we look for in pilots? He had a very minor problem with his teeth and he was very keen on Zoom! Whitening. I laid out the treatment plans available for him and told him that he could get his Zoom! Whitening done at his leisure as it is safe, fast and comfortable.

It was Madam Ana’s turn for consultation. She was unhappy with the colour of her her teeth  especially the upper centers. She was also not so pleased with their shape. I explained to Madam Ana that the best option for her, is to do a Zoom! Whitening procedure before any cosmetic work as it will give a better result in terms of shade.

Madam Ana had options to either make composite veneers for her 4 upper front teeth, or 2 Empress crowns for her upper centers and 2 veneers for her laterals  (tooth next to the center). She decided to get the Zoom! Whitening done first before deciding on either option.

Madam Ana after

On her appointment day for the Zoom! Whitening, Madam Ana came in on time and was ready for her whitening session.

“Could I get the makeover done as well today? ” asked Madam Ana, who finally decided to do the composite veneers. “Hmm, yes you could, if you don’t mind waiting  a little bit as you booked only for a whitening session and I have patients coming in after you”, I explained to Madam Ana. I would need another extra 40 minutes for the 4 veneers after the Zoom! Whitening session.

Madam Ana was very accommodating. She agreed to wait after her Zoom! Whitening session to get her composite veneers done. She is a wonderful person and very understanding :).

Madam Ana after

As soon as I completed with my finishing touch for the veneers, I handed over the mirror to Madam Ana for her to see how different she looked. She definitely looked younger and more elegant. “It was worth the wait. You did a good job” she said happily. “I think I should tell my son what to expect for the Zoom! Whitening session and the makeover. It’s a little bit tiring but it’s worth it” she continued.

Yes I was happy, but more than that I was grateful that we are blessed with so many wonderful patients who understand our job and wait for us patiently. I was certainly taken aback by Madam Ana’s humbleness. Thank you Madam Ana for having faith in Klinik Pergigian Fauziah.

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8 years ago

Hye..i just want to ask..how much it cost to close up 4 gap teeth plus whitening the teeth??