It’s never too old for a makeover : Dr Dini

As you read the title of my blog post today, you must be guessing or wondering how old was the patient that did the makeover.

He is a 70 years old chinese gentleman who ‘confessed’ to me as he seated on the dental chair, that he had not been seeing a dentist for the past 40 years!!!

Before - a broken central and lateral incisors.

Imagine, how shocked I was when I heard that!

When I asked him what made him came to the clinic, he replied, “My friend told me about your wonderful clinic and services and persuaded me to come for a dental check-up. Mr. Woon’s friend is also a patient of mine.

I started to examined Mr. Woon’s teeth and to my surprise he still has all his 32 teeth. When I told him that it was not common to have all his teeth at his age, he smiled.

I explained and wrote down the treatment plan for him and asked him what he would like me to do first since this was his first visit in 40 years…

“Do everything doctor!” he said confidently.

I smiled and told him that I would start with a scaling and polishing and few simple fillings. Once I finished doing the fillings, I suggested doing 2 veneers on his upper incisors. These composite veneers would make him look 10 years younger!!

After - new smile.

He laughed when he heard this and gave me the green light to proceed with the treatment plan.

In a couple of hours, I completed my work and handed him the mirror.

“Wow !!! My grandchildren will no longer teased me about my teeth” he said.

“I do look 10 years younger right ?” he asked.

” I agree with you, Mr. Woon, and you look more handsome now!” I told him.

We both laughed together. As we said our good byes, I noticed Mr. Woon couldn’t stop smiling. He told me that he will visit us again for the routine check up in 6 months time.

Seeing a patient smiling wide and confidently after the makeover makes meĀ  feel so happy.

I just love my job!

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