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Channel before

Not all of our makeovers take merely hours. Some  need an abundance of patience in order to see that desired result: patience from both the patient’s side and our side.

Channel, a gorgeous stylish  marketing executive, found us through the website and came to us for a consultation. She is young, trendy and the best part of all, she is a pleasant chatty person. For the chatty person she is, she was certainly not happy with her smile and was determined to get a change.

Channel had a very crowded teeth. Her upper right and left lateral incisors (tooth next to the centers), were tucked behind her lower teeth. Her canines were high up and jutting out and her center teeth were not aligned.  Her lower teeth were also crowded, with all her front lower teeth crooked.

It was clear that composite veneers alone won’t do the work for Channel. I laid out my treatment choices for her. It included braces, ClearPath aligners and bridges combined with composite veneers.

Channel after

Channel did not want to wear any appliances and could not afford to wait for a few years to undergo braces or ClearPath aligner treatment. Thus, she chose to do the combination treatment which included bridge and composite veneers.

I suggested that she did 6 composite veneers for her lower teeth to make them look straighter and a 6 unit bridge for her upper teeth. She had to remove her right and left lateral incisors which were tucked behind the lower teeth though, but she didn’t mind for the sake of a better, beautiful smile.

I divided her treatment into 4 stages; first visit to do the veneers for the lower teeth, second visit for the teeth preparation for the bridge, extractions of the two lateral incisors, and the issue of a temporary bridge.

Channel before

The third visit was for a final impression for the actual bridge which has to be done after a month or more to allow healing of the extraction sites. The final visit was of course to fix in the actual bridges. The whole process would take about almost a month and a half.

The first 3 visits went smoothly though the second visit took a while. On each visit Channel patiently went through the procedures, suggesting to me how she wanted her smile to be, helping me to adjust the temporary bridge according to what she wanted.

On the final visit , when the actual bridge were supposed to be fixed, Channel wanted some changes to be done on the bridge, which I thought was fair.

Though Channel and I were disappointed that we couldn’t complete the treatment on that day, we agreed we would redo the bridge which would take another week to get the smile she has always desired. After all, a week was worth for a dazzling smile right?

Channel after

Our patience were definitely worthwhile! Channel’s final bridge gave her the smile she had always dreamed of. She just couldn’t stop smiling ! Today she came in for some adjustments and cheerfully updated me on some of the great sales going on out there!

Hahaha! I was thankful to Channel for her patience and endurance!

Well done Channel! The journey was long, but it was worth it! Don’t stop smiling my friend! 🙂

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7 years ago

Hi may I know which doc done for her treatment ?