Wise decision : Dr Nik

I guess for anyone to decide on doing cosmetic fillings to change their smile, or to get better smile, is such huge decision. However for my patient Alia, this might not be her hardest decision since she had once  made a very difficult one.

She changed her degree course when she’s more than half way doing her course! Yes… that was a very huge decision as at that time she was learning abroad. She had decided to change the course when she realized that she was not happy doing what she was learning at that time. Now she’s studying Pharmacy in one of local universities in Kuala Lumpur and she is much happier.

Alia before

Hence, when she came in with the intention to do simple filling but I proposed to do cosmetic fillings, she without hesitation and without questions said yes. Obviously it was not a difficult decision for her. What needed to make her makeover was 2 veneers and 4 normal fillings. I  promised her that her teeth will look straighter and in alignment at the end of the treatment.

I started off with two central teeth, filled the cavities and reshape the teeth with composite material. This was to make sure that I got the correct midline and the vertical line. Once that was done,doing the veneers was quite easy. I did veneer on both lateral teeth to bring the teeth forward into alignment. Now the teeth look straighter and the next step was to polish all the filling and veneers.

Alia after

All the procedure  took me around one and a half hour and at the end off the treatment I passed Alia a mirror. “I think you make a good decision in doing this…it does look nice, do have a look” I said as I passed her the mirror.

“Yes Dr..it does look nice and I’m glad I decided to do this…thank you” Alia said.

“You’re most welcome Alia and hope to see you in six months time for your regular check up”

For me, I’m glad that I can help Alia in getting better smile and I think she made a good decision again…don’t you think so?

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7 years ago

Hi Dr Fauziah..my midline tooth is off center…can it be corrected by veneer?