Nadira gets her new smile : Dr Fauziah

Nadira before

Nadira came in with her brother a week ago for a consultation for a makeover. Both brother and sister were obviously close.

Nadira was concerned mainly about the white patches on her teeth. I explained to her that she had the patches because of hypocalcification, that is probably due to the water quality in the are she grew up in. It was because of this that the surface of her teeth were also flaking off, the enamel was chipping off exposing the dentine beneath hence the surface was beginning to get rough.

Nadira’s teeth were rather flat and since she had such a wide smile, she wasn’t very happy.

We discussed several procedures: Zoom! Whitening which may help a little but would not solve the enamel chipping, Crowns which I felt would not be such a good option at this time as Nadira is rather young and Composite Veneering.

A much happier Nadira just 45 minutes later

Since Nadira is still in school I advised her to just get her upper teeth veneered with composite veneers first … she could always do porcelain veneers when she is older.

Why? Well mainly because composite veneers requires very little preparation on the teeth, the enamel will be covered entirely and so her patches would be corrected and if we used a light shade of composite, she would immediately get a whitening effect anyway!

I did a mock up for Nadira so she would get an idea of how she would look once the veneers were in place. I showed Nadira that her teeth would look less flat too as the composite veneers could be built up to give her teeth more bulk.

Nadira was very happy with the result but she still needed to get her father’s approval … so they left to show their father the photographs we took and promised to come back again.

Nadira before

Today Nadira came in for her veneers … this time with her father. 😉

She was excited and totally calm whilst her father waited patiently in the sitting area.

Taking the initial photographs were so difficult though as Nadira kept squirming … she obviously is not used to smiling wide for the camera!

As I worked I asked her if she was okay … she smiled saying that it was painless.

We were only going to do the uppers first. I had already explained to her that the composite veneers could not correct her midline shift, but I would finish the veneers such that her upper teeth will look more natural over her lower teeth.

Finally we finished! It took a little longer as Nadira’s gums were prone to bleeding …

A natural smile for Nadira

The bleeding was because of the hypocalcification areas near her gums which we corrected. Nadira would get an extra bonus of solving her gum bleeding too once we were done!

Intan, my assistant, passed Nadira the magic mirror as I sat back to watch Nadira’s expression when she sees her reflection for the first time with her new smile.

Nadira broke out in a huge grin!

“Do you like it?” I asked.

Again she smiled her big smile, nodding whilst looking in the mirror.

She walked out to show her father who was equally happy to see the new Nadira.

As we said our goodbyes, I passed Nadira her makeover album with her Before and After photographs and reminded her about our month long guarantee … “Eat anything except stones, bones and metal okay.” I said as both father and daughter laughed.

Enjoy your smile Nadira!

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