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Az is working in an IT company. He googled to get the nearest dentist who could help him with his teeth condition, and found us. Az had some difficulty in finding our clinic from his working place on his visit. He was not aware of the map given in our website and tips to how to get to the clinic. So folks, if you are planning to pay us a visit do feel free to checkout the map given in our blog :).

Az came in to know what can be done to close the gaps he has on his upper and lower teeth. He was also very keen on getting rid of the discolouration on his right upper front teeth. To be frank the only idea Az had in his mind to close the gaps was  by using braces. He was very suprised when I told him most cases he saw in the blog were done in hours time, instead of years. They are either done by using composite veneers or crowns and bridges. The later would of course needs at least 2 visits.

Az was very curious to know what were his options to close the gaps fast and painlessly. As soon as I was done explaining to him the few options he had, Az chose to do the composite veneers, as they were within his budgets. I suggested 4 veneers for his upper teeth and 2 for his lower. As for the discolouration on the right upper tooth, it can be repaired with no hassle at all, while doing the veneers.

And so Az made an appointment on a Saturday for his makeover. “I will see you on Saturday doc” said Az anxiously.

On the Saturday of his appointment, Az came in nervously. ” I don’t know what to expect Dr ” he said. I assured him that he would be more confident to smile after getting his makeover. Az is a very friendly guy, but he was very conscious about his smile. He tries to ‘cover’ his front teeth as much as he can, when ever he smiles.

It took about an hour to complete the 6 veneers to close both gaps and to improvise his smile. The discolouration was ‘removed’ easily. I handed over the mirror to Az to have a look at his ‘new’ look. “Is this really me? I can’t believe it” said Az

Az after

in joy. I was glad Az liked his smile makeover very much. Now he can smile confidently without any hesitation.

I told Az that all our work has a month guarantee, thus he can come back anytime for any adjustments. I reminded him not to bite on anything very hard like bones and crabs with his front teeth as it might harm the veneers. Hard food can even harm our natural teeth, thus it is better to take precaution.

It was a fulfilling Saturday. Az got the smile he waited for a long time, and I had the satisfaction of helping him to get it. Thank you for trusting Klinik Pergigian Fauziah, Az.

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8 years ago nk tye kalau sy nk check dlu sahaja berape ye?? Sy ade tooth gap kt bhgian dpn.

8 years ago

Hi Dr Fauziah all the while i know that braces is the only way to close the gap after reading your blog then only i realise there are few types of way to fix it too. May i know among composite veneers or crowns and bridges which are the cheapest but still can do good result. How much will it cost of lets say for composite veneers? Does that mean these doesn’t need to wear for 2 years for result. Looking forward for your reply.