Mahfuz travels to KL his Makeover: Dr Fauziah

Mahfuz when we first met

Mahfuz works and lives in Johor Bahru, Johor. That’s a good 8 hour drive to and fro from Kuala Lumpur! Today, Mahfuz completed his makeover … his story is astounding.

Mahfuz stumbled upon this blog three years ago. He told us he kept checking in to read about the makeovers we were creating from back then, thinking someday he’d get one too.

Then the day came when his computer was faulty and he sent it in for repairs and to be reformatted. When he got it back, he was mightily upset when he realised that the reformatted computer no longer had this blog bookmarked …. he couldn’t log into the blog!

He told us how he tried to remember the name of the blog but it was only when he remembered one of the ‘keywords’ (veneers) to type in Google Search did “Friendly Teeth” pop up onto his screen.

Mahfuz today!

He contacted us and traveled up to KL for his first appointment.

When I first saw Mahfuz I explained in detail why composite veneers would not give him the smile he wanted … his lateral incisors were just too far back and there was not enough space to create an even looking smile.

We discussed it and drew up a treatment plan that he was comfortable with … I could not do my magic in one visit, it would take three visits in all and about one and a half months but I promised him he would be happy with the results.

Mahfuz would have to travel up to KL two more times … but the good news was, if we timed it right, he would have his brand new smile by Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.

A side view less than two months ago

Most of the work was done on the first visit actually. When Mahfuz went back, he already had a new smile as we had placed a temporary bridge.

When Mahfuz came back last week, he was bright and early for his appointment. He had caught a bus up to KL and had arrived at 4am! Wow!!

It took less than an hour for his second visit (I had done most of the work the first time he came remember!). I felt a little guilty that his treatment time was a fraction of the time he took to get to the clinic.

As my Clinic Manager had blocked off a long appointment time for Mahfuz and he said he was only leaving for JB in the evening, we had plenty of time to talk. I always like to get to know my patients … I always believe that a patient is not just 28 teeth to treat but someone who is now in partnership with Klinik Pergigian Fauziah towards total dental health and beauty.

The new Mahfuz

We talked about how an “Ipoh mari” (Malaysian slang for someone from Ipoh, Perak) came to work in Johor Bahru, some 700km away and other stuff.

So this time when Mahfuz came in for his final appointment … the completion of his makeover, Mafuz was not just a patient but a friend.

He was early as usual and we were just as excited as he was to see the final step of his makeover!

It didn’t take too long before it was time to pass him the mirror … Mahfuz took one look into the mirror and smiled a wide smile!

“I don’t normally smile, you know, but some people have noticed that I have changed.” he said.

“Yes, you’ve got to smile more now!” I teased.

We printed out his “Before” and “After” photos for his Makeover Album to take home with him as I asked, “So what time are you leaving KL?”

He smiled again as he said, “11 tonight … I’m going shopping!”

Awesome Mahfuz … enjoy your Raya shopping and most of all enjoy your new smile this Raya.

To all, maaf zahir batin and happy holidays! I know Mahfuz is going to have a ball! 😉

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