Norzaki gets his new Eid smile: Dr Mawarni


“Dr Mawarni is our latest addition to our Team of Dental Surgeons. Hailing from Johor Bahru, Dr Mawarni has just left the Armed Forces to do her magic for our patients, creating beautiful smiles every day! Read about one of her Makeovers in her maiden post below.  — Dr Fauziah”

Encik Norzaki came to our clinic about 2 weeks before Hari Raya Aidilfitri. He came across our blog and was very interested to get a new  smile for the Eid Fitri celebrations. His witty personality makes him a fun and easy going person to be with. He is happily married and a father of two. Norzaki is currently working at a government land authority in Kuala Lumpur. Hence, meeting clients is part of his everyday job. He definitely needed a better smile to communicate with confidence!

As you can see in his ‘before’ picture, Norzaki had many gaps in his upper and lower teeth. I suggested that he has composite veneers done to close the gaps as it is the most conservative option, but has a promising outcome for him.

At first he seemed anxious, but I reassured him. I managed to get his teeth scaled on that day. After showing some of the patient’s make over album and discussing the cost, he decided to make another appointment for the new smile. He wanted to do the upper teeth first as that was more visible when he smiled.

Happy with his new smile now!

He came a week later with high hopes, excited to see how he would look after his makeover. After about 2 hours, Norzaki got to see his new smile.

“I hope you like it, Encik Norzaki” I said. “Yes I do, and I will come after Hari Raya to correct the lower gaps Doctor!” he replied.

He smiled from ear to ear and made even more jokes. He said he wanted to recommend our clinic to his friends.

It made my day to see him so satisfied with his makeover :). As he left, I bid him farewell with a “Selamat Hari Raya!”

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8 years ago

Proud of u sister! 🙂