A Gift for Eid: Dr.Kayethri

Afni before

How many of us fear visiting the dentist? Many would have said “I”, or raised your hands instantly ;).

Well, I have to agree, a dentist would not be the first person who comes in your mind for regular visits. There are many reasons for fearing dentists or dental treatment. Most common ones would be past traumatic experiences, fearing treatments might cause pain, the high pitched sounds produced by the instruments we use.

Afni came in as a walk-in patient, after finding us via the web. She came in to ‘fill-up’ some holes on her teeth. Afni is a person who really fears the dentist. She even told me that she has kicked a dentist out of fear when she was 5 years old. She came in nervous and looked very agitated when she sat on the dental chair. When I asked she said she read testimonials that we deliver painless treatments.

Though Afni feared dental treatment she still wanted to have a better teeth condition and appearance. Afni lives in Sabah and commutes to Kuala Lumpur often, thus she wanted to get her dental treatment with us.

Afni after

Afni had many fillings which needed replacement. Her left center tooth was a ‘dead’ tooth, thus discoloured. When I looked at her teeth, I knew it was restorable, but what made me smile was when Afni asked whether I was going to pull out all her teeth and replace them with dentures! Hahahaha! No dentist would do that if ever they could avoid it!

Her upper right lateral incisor (second from the center) was pushed behind and her upper right center tooth was slightly jutting out. I told Afni she could have her teeth look more straight by doing 4 composite veneers for her upper teeth. I also advised her to treat her dead tooth by doing root canal treatment. .

Afni before

I suggested that she does her veneers first to give her a better smile, since Hari Raya Aidilfitri (Eid) is just around the corner. We both agreed that she can do the root canal treatment after getting the composite veneers done.

Afni agreed to go ahead with the composite veneers as long it was painless.

“It won’t be painful right Dr?” she asked numerous times. I assured her that the process would be painless and would take less than an hour, so I got started with my work and throughout the procedure, Afni co-operated patiently.

I wanted to give the very best for Afni, and as soon as I was done with the veneers I handed over the mirror to her. “You did a beautiful job, doctor.” said Afni smiling widely.

“Well Afni you don’t have to hesitate to smile from now on. ” I replied. Afni never dared to smile for photos sessions all her life. Now, she assured me that she will smile!

Afni after

Afni came in again the next day to get the rest of her fillings done with less fear . Eliminating fear is a process and doesn’t happen overnight. Creating beautiful smile is our mission and eliminating fear towards dental treatments too. As far as we are concerned, the saying ‘No pian, no gain’ does not have to be your experience!

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