Azwa’s Raya Smile : Dr Dini

Before- brown stains on the upper and lower teeth.

Azwa first came in to our clinic during the first week of Ramadhan. She requested for a full dental check up and also consultation regarding her brownish teeth.

Azwa was concerned mainly about the brown stains on her front teeth. I explained to her that she had the stains because of dental fluorosis.

Upon looking at her puzzled face, I explained further that flurosis is caused by too much fluoride intake during the first 8 years of life. The common causes of fluorosis include :

-excessively fluoridated drinking water (particularly during infancy)

-ingestion of fluoride toothpaste

-use of fluoride tablets.

She told me that having these brown stains sometimes caused her embarrassment when talking to people. She was afraid that people might think that she had dirty teeth. She said that no matter how much she brushed and flossed, the brown stains did not go away.

After - a whiter smile. No more 'dirty teeth' appearance.

After my lengthy explanation and hearing her main concern, I laid out my treatment options for her. This included Zoom! Whitening, veneers and crowning.

Azwa decided to discuss the treatment options with her husband first, and promised to call us once she made up her mind with regards to her treatment choice.

She came in one week before Aidil Fitri and said she had decided to do veneers. I had proposed 12 veneers, 6 on the upper teeth and 6 on the lower teeth.  I took a longer time than usual to complete them and apologized to her, but Azwa was such a lovely person and an understanding patient too.

I handed over the mirror to Azwa to have a look at her new smile. ¬†After 5 seconds staring into the mirror, she said, “Thank you doctor. Now I can smile ¬†confidently without any hesitation. This will be my Raya smile!”

Yes… indeed… what a good way to celebrate Aidilfitri with a brand new smile!

Since we are still in the month of Syawal, I would like to wish all our Muslim patients Eid Mubarak and to Azwa, keep on flashing your new smile!!

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