Athira’s determination pays off: Dr.Kayethri

Athira before

Athira is a student in our local public university. She is originally from Ipoh. Athira had gaps on her upper and lower teeth . She was trying to find a solution to ‘fix’ her teeth to get a nicer smile. Unfortunately when she asked around for a quick fix, all she got was people telling her to either do braces or to wear dentures.

Athira didn’t give up so easily and searched from all sources for information. She even went to a clinic in Ipoh to look for an answer. Disappointed she was, when they quoted a high figure to do composite veneers, which could close those gaps she had. One day when she was googling for informations, she found our website and decided to call in. She didn’t stop with merely one call, but she called in several times, asking our capable receptionists questions to reassure herself that she could get the smile she wanted in an affordable price. Finally Athira made an appointment for a consultation.

Athira came in with her mother all the way from Ipoh since she was back in her hometown for her semester break. She did not look nervous when I seated her on the dental chair. She showed me her teeth and asked me if it could be fixed. “Of course we can. ” I answered¬†smilingly. I showed to her a few ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of makeovers I have done before, similar to what she needs. I also explained to her how composite veneers are made, to explain to her that it is a relatively simple procedure which needs minimal preparation on the teeth.

Athira after

Since Athira had gaps on both her upper and lower teeth, I suggested her to do 6 composite veneers for her uppers and another 6 for her lowers. As she is still a student and had a limited budget, she decided to do her upper veneers first. That is definitely ok! ūüôā

The 6 composite veneers were done within an hour and Athira had a look at it. “I love them” she said smilingly. I called in her mother to show her Athira’s new smile. Her mother was pleased with the results and promised to come back to get a makeover done for herself too :).

I bid farewell to¬†Athira and her mom, reminding them to come back for a regular check-up and scaling every 4 monthly. Before leaving Athira’s¬†mom expressed how she was touched with Lynn’s ( our clinic manager) patience and gentle manner answering questions¬†every time¬†she or her daughter called¬†the clinic. So, please don’t hesitate to call our clinic at 03-26911334/26917359, as our friendly staff are ever ready to answer any of your questions.

It’s humbling that patients travel a distance to visit us on the faith that we¬†will give them the best.¬†That is definitely what we try to give to every patient, every time in Klinik Pergigian Fauziah.

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