Amri’s New Smile: Dr Fauziah

Amri before

Amri was in the checkout counter in Carrefour when I met him. He looked tired and when I asked him if he was okay he smiled and said he’d been working non stop for 4 hours already.

We chatted as he checked out my purchases. It turned out that Amri was working part time whilst waiting for his degree course to begin in a local university.

I hesitated for a split second before I said, “I am a dentist who specialises in makeovers. Have you thought about fixing your teeth?”

You see I love my job and I know many people want to makeover their smile but they either don’t know where to go or they think it’s going to be wildly expensive. I hesitated because I didn’t want to embarrass Amri but well … I know I could help him!

Amri's crown was chipped and too large

He told me he had an accident when he was in primary school and the crowns were placed almost 10 years ago. That’s when I told him that his teeth had probably continued to erupt as he went through his teenage years and they could so very easily be re-done to suit his adult sized face. I passed him my business card and told him to come in whenever he could.

And four months later Amri walked into the clinic. He was finally ready for his makeover!

I showed Amri that the crowns were prepared too low and the size was far too big compared to the rest of his teeth. Not only that, the dentist had made them stick out so when Amri was fell again when he was older, one of his crowns had chipped.

We took some xrays to make sure Amri’s teeth had been properly root treated … thank fully they were so it made our job simpler!

Removing the old crowns took a long time! The problem was the crowns were so bulky and thick … poor Amri!

Now that looks much better!

Finally the old crowns were removed and we re-shaped the teeth so we could place them in a better position … I did not want Amri’s new crowns to protude outwards anymore.

Amri was about to embark onto a new stage in his life … he was about to start a degree course where he would be meeting new people and making new friends. I wanted him to have a confident smile … a smile he could flash without being shy!

We re-shaped his teeth and then created his temporary crowns in just half an hour! Taking off the old crowns was harder!!

Finally the most important part was choosing a tooth shade that would match Amri’s natural teeth.

We actually have about 8 colours to choose from … I’m sure you didn’t realise that teeth had so many colours. 😉

His temporary crowns had to be made such that they did not stick out too … the actual crowns will be made by dental technicians based on our instructions on the shape, size and position so this was an important step to make sure Amri will have natural looking crowns.

A big difference!

Once everything was ready, we passed the mirror to Amri.

Amri stared into the mirror and broke into a big, big smile!

I am so glad I did not walk away from Amri four months ago without talking to him about what I can do for him. It was just a chance meeting at the checkout counter at Carrefour.

That chance meeting made such a difference to Amri, a young man about to start a new phase in his life.

I love my job.

I get to create beautiful smiles and make people happy … every single day!

I have the best job in the world! 😉

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